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film of the reading (french translation by Pierre Ryckmans) of the treaty about painting from Shitao (real name Zhu Ruoji, 1641-1719) also known as Daoji, Yuanji, or Old Man of Qingxiang, the Disciple of the Great Purity, Venerable  Blind Monk or Bitter-Pumpkin, etc., at the gallery HumuS on Saturday the 31st of January.




t-h-e-v-e-r-n-i-s-s-a-g-e by Hannes Hatje



This was before,… when Charlie Hebdo sold only 6000 exemplars a week

now, everything is different.



The blog litterature-romande.net has published an interview and a chronique about "Les Laids"




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Sunday september the 7th at 16h30, jwe were at the "livre sur les quais" at Morges for a reading of the last book from Stéphane Blok (Bernard Campiche éditeur) organized by the Bibliothèque Sonore Romande.


Exhibition from 03-01 to 03-31 at the Ferme de la Chapelle

with Francisco Sepulveda

vernissage Saturday  the 1st of March from 14h to 18h


4th and 5th april 2014 / mini-festival Re:VOX, voice and music at the espacechallens13, with Gerald Perera, double bass and Arthur Besson, guitar. Reading of "affût", artist's book, art&fiction 2010

On Saturday, Frebruary 8th,

 at the bookshop Basta in Lausanne, reading and improvisation with Gerald Perera, double bass.

published in L'Hebdo by Isabelle Falconnier :

For a first novel, a masterstroke! Signed of the painter and Swiss draftsman Serge Cantero, this " fiction inspired by forty drawings in the India ink " dives into the mystery of a package received by the narrator and resuscitating East Berlin, the Czechoslovakia and a somber story of human guinea pigs in the heart of the forests of Bavaria. Disturbing, this fantastic fable around the ugliness and around the utopia, illustrated with striking drawings in its origin, shines with its originality and its incandescence.

Of Serge Cantero. Ed. Man's Age, 230 p.


The 13th of september 2013 at 7.13 PM at the 2.21 in Lausanne, Serge Cantero reads extracts from his novel "les laids", with Diego Marion, saxophones. This novel has been published by the editor L'Âge d'Homme and can be found following this link :  site de l'éditeur.

Humus 2011